Reviews of Whispers

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Whispers Cover From beta reader Amanda, “I’m so sorry I didn’t add very much feedback.  I was LOST in the book and kinda forgot that my friend wrote this and wants to know what I think.  What an amazing imagination you have.  As I read this I laughed and I cried and that’s when you know you’re feeling it – AND sister – I felt it!“Amanda, “I love that Owen does normal things like sports as a normal kid would.”

Amanda, “This page got me all teary eyed.”  Bet you wanna know which one that was…  Thank you Amanda!   Because of you and other readers we are going to have an amazing product when it goes to press!  Thank you!

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4 thoughts on “Reviews of Whispers

  1. I’m about half way through Whispers, and it’s killing me!! I’ve got a project list a mile long, but I can’t put this book down! I keep thinking I’ll find a “down” part so I can take a break and get some things done around my house, but no! My bathrooms are a mess, dishes piled in the sink, and cleaning supplies left untouched, all because Owen is such a gravitational pull! Well done, Lauren!

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