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My first professional review is in!  A huge thank you to fellow author J.J. Collins!  Please visit his website and read his fantastic review!  Gee, is it more valuable because he wrote from London, UK?

J.J. Collins Author Blog

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“Owen, as the good natured and good willed hero, is a role model character for young people to admire and aspire to. The mysterious and adventurous plot line will appeal to people of all ages and there is a very healthy fill of action-packed scenes, perfectly blended with the dynamics of some complicated friendships and relationships. The author even manages to slip in a subtle bit of love which adds to the charm of the ending, and lays the foundation perfectly for future books in the series. Each character the author introduces evolves in their very own unique way that only serves to augment, an already incredibly exciting storyline, but also to serve as friend and foe to the main character – Owen Ryer.

The book is so fast-paced, action-packed and full of great adventures you won’t even have time to realize you’re at the last chapter. A wonderful introduction to a new exciting series filled with the best adventure and action any young reader would want.

A highly recommended read.” –  J.J. Collins, Author

Andee Sageposted toThe Secret Watchers on Facebook
Awesome, truly amazing book! I am honored and proud to have been able to read this first book in the series and look forward to reading more!!! Well Done Lauren! Very Well Done!

Sheila said on Goodreads:  Visions (The Secret Watchers) is one of those rare stories that actually transports you to another world. From the beginning you become part of Owen Ryer’s world, experiencing all of his confusion, frustration and compassion as he searches for purpose, acceptance and morality. The author manages to take a familiar plot; teenager discovering a previously unknown special talent, and bring a whole new slant to the formula with exemplary character development, jaw-clenching action and a good vs. evil suspense that will keep the pages turning until the very end!

We are treated to a new sort of young adult fantasy that does not involve werewolves, vampires or witches. Klever has created a new breed of heroes that readers will immediately fall in love with and will not want to let go! This book will root itself in your mind and asks some very intriguing questions about morality, courage, trust and friendship.

I LOVED this book and cannot wait to read the rest of the series!

Tom said on Goodreads:  This was one of those books that you can’t put down. It was well written and exciting in all of the right places. As someone who teaches self-defense, and who has seen a LOT of action movies, I can tell you that her descriptions of the fighting were spot on! The author captured the chaos of a fight and moved it along quickly so that it wasn’t bogged down by being written. Very well done! I can’t wait to read the rest of the series!

Sharon said on Goodreads:  I absolutely love this series of books by Lauren Klever. The writing in this book is- well I don’t know any other way to phrase it, except that it’s written the way Moms actually talk to their kids and the language that is used by the teenagers in the book, is reality. Visions grabs you at the beginning when you actually smile when you read what Owen is really thinking as he is answering his mom. This is the story of Owen Ryer, his friends, his family and how the courage and right influences in a young mans life take him on a journey that he never imagined he would go on. Owen sees and feels thing differently than the rest of the people in his life and he has to learn to deal with it. It’s refreshing to see the insecurities and obstacles Owen has to overcome on a daily basis just as any teenager would. It’s wonderful that we are given a glimpse of the amazing relationship Owen shares with his mom. The storyline pulls you in and keeps you in a state of suspense, wondering what is going to happen in Owens life next as a Secret Watcher and how he is going to handle it. The descriptive writing style in Visions was eloquently done and pulled me in even more , providing the feeling of not just reading but seeing the actions take place in my mind as if it were a movie. I could vividly picture the characters, feel their excitement when a plan came together, the happiness when the characters made a difference in someone’s life and the uncertainty of what was happening next. The suspense factor was great, because just when I thought I had it figured out what was happening next, I would be wrong and Lauren would sweep me away with Owen on an even more exciting adventure. If you want to be swept away on an adventure then pick up this book and begin the exciting adventure with Owen Ryer, his family and friends and find out what exactly a Secret Watcher is. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Thank you Lauren for providing a story about a family and friends that become a family, a love story and adventure with some mystery thrown in that will definitely keep your reader on the edge of their seat.

Amanda:  I couldn’t believe it when it was over.  I’m already excited and CAN’T WAIT to read book two (Whispers) to see what happens next!  I love it but I hate you!  How can you leave me hanging like that?  Where’s book two?

Debi:  Love it Lauren! Looking forward to seeing it in print . . . or on the Nook : )

Susan:  I was so lucky to be selected as a proof-reader and spent my day off (and into the wee hours of the next morning) totally engrossed. The action scenes are very exciting and the Owen and Lucie scenes are so sweet and touching. Owen Ryer is my hero! I CAN’T WAIT for more. Write faster!

Andra:  It IS fun…what I have read so far makes me giggle!!

Charles:  Pretty convinced that you’ll be the next J. K. Rowling. Just remember me when you’re walking down that red carpet!

Andrea:   I’ve started reading it when (my baby) gives me a chance.  I can tell I’m going to like it.  I’m already into it

Nathan:  I like it that Owen is a real guy who gets hurt and has to heal like in the Hunger Games.  I hate it when the good guys come across as invincible.

Marge:  Yea, Lauren. That is so exciting. Have finished reading Book Two and find the plot lines getting better and more exciting … if that’s even possible. Can’t wait to get started reading Book Three!!

Sally:  Owen seems to know how and who to trust.  He realizes that he is different yet he embraces that and he pulls in his friends and brings out the best in them; changing all their lives.  I like that you learn about his friends, family and the town he loves.

Stan:  More, more, when can I have more?

Sid:  I am so proud of you Lauren!! I can not wait to read your story.

McKayla:  I would just like to say how excited I am because I really want to read The Secret Watchers!!! 😀 It will be the next Twilight, except better! ♥

Jack:  The action scene in the mall parking lot is “insane”!
Sheila:  I am so proud of you Lauren!! I can not wait to read your story.
Sharon:  I’m sharing your link with my friends a little at the time. I am so excited for you and I want this to be a blockbuster!

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