Visions (Book 1)

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eBook Cover Visions by Lauren Lynne Welcome to the world of Owen Ryer.  To learn more about the series and to find out the progress of the books, return here often.  Book one, Visions, has a copyright and will be available soon in e-book format from your favorite retailer.

Synopsis:  Welcome to the world of Owen Ryer and The Secret Watchers.  What would you do if you suddenly discovered that you could not only sense dark energy but individuals with evil in their hearts?   What if you were given hints about horrible things that had already happened and you had no choice but to fix them? What if these things you were driven to do were not only dangerous but had to be concealed?  Who could you trust with this perilous secret?  How would you handle homework and chores when you felt like the weight of the world rested on your shoulders?  Owen feels he has no choice… What would you do?  Would you have the courage to try?

In Visions (The Secret Watchers, Book One) fourteen-year-old Owen Ryer hates school and his life in general, but dreams that there must be something more…  until he is irrevocably drawn to a watch in an old pawnshop that unlocks his amazing and unexpected gift.  Now it’s a race to see if Owen can master his special ability before the dark watchers destroy or turn him to the side of evil and chaos.

You will experience Owen’s confusion, frustration and compassion as he discovers that it is demanding enough just to be a teenager, let alone have a secret as big as the one he is burdened with.  Who should he trust?  Who can help him?  Typically watchers work alone but Owen is the next generation – should he be the one to challenge the rules?

Everyone needs a hero and sometimes the best ones are the unintentional ones.  Owen is that kind of guy as he searches for purpose, acceptance and morality.  He isn’t perfect, he doesn’t always do things right, but he has the greater good at heart – always.

You are invited to follow Owen as he journeys through the darkest walk he has ever taken; where he captures glimpses of the underbelly of society, a place he never knew existed and didn’t want to see.  After you read Visions, will you be looking under your bed and double checking your closet?  Please enter the Secret Watchers universe if you dare but beware – you may be sucked right into the good versus evil suspense of jaw-clenching action and never want to leave.

Tom says:  I just finished reading book 1 and I absolutely LOVED IT! What amazing depth to the characters, nail-biting action and teenaged angst! It was the perfect mix of action and emotion, and ended with a deft hand-off to the second book. This book is sure to be a best-seller!

 Chapter 8 Excerpt from ‘Visions’ (The Secret Watchers, Book One)

Copyright © 2012 Lauren Lynne Walker. All Rights Reserved.

Nobody threatens my mom, my brothers or my family! Nobody kills my dog!  He had poisoned Buddy.  He was waiting for him when I had let Buddy out.  How long had he been waiting for us to make that mistake?  Was it only last night?  It felt like such a long time ago.  Now I just had to fake my way through dinner.

I ate a few bites while texting Marlo under the table to bring him up to date.  Then I texted White Eagle and hoped he knew how to open his texts on his antiquated phone.  I begged Mom to let me go to the movies with Marlo and she agreed that I could probably use some time away from the house.  Marlo’s mom picked us up for the seven o’clock show.  She too told me how nice I looked.  She said I looked grown up.  She was sorry about the break-in and Buddy.  She’s a sweet lady.  Marlo takes after her.  I’m lucky to have him as a friend.  I hated lying to her and putting her son in danger.

When we got to the mall Marlo and I walked in the theater entrance to be sure we had fooled his mom.  Then we kept on walking across the food court and into the mall itself.  We cut across the mall and walked out the outside door.  I hoped that White Eagle would get here soon.  Just then my cell vibrated in my pocket.  My caller I.D. said it was White Eagle.  “What’s up?” he groused.  “I can’t open your damn text.”

“I got a hit off a piece of fabric Clive’s friend left on my back fence.  They are going to be at the mall tonight.  Marlo and I are here now.”

“What!!!” he screeched so loudly I had to pull the phone away from my ear.

“I didn’t know you couldn’t read my text.  I thought you’d be here.  They are doing something tonight and right now the light is about right so it’s gonna be soon.  Can you get here?  We’re on the south side by the restaurants.

“You boys go home NOW!”

Too late.  There they were, across the parking lot breaking into a car.  As Clive popped opened the trunk of a dark sedan with some small tool he held, he seemed to sense me and our eyes met.  “He’s here now and he sees us.”

“Ff…..” I closed my phone and put it back in my pocket.  No doubt he was on his way now.  It should take him about ten minutes if the signals and traffic are in his favor.  Marlo stood at my side not knowing what to do.  I didn’t suffer so much from indecision any more.  I turned toward him without taking my eyes off Clive.

“Marlo, go find the mall cops.  I’ll keep these guys busy.”  He stalled for a moment then made a break for the mall at a fast walk.  Marlo is a smart guy.  I had complete confidence that he would get the job done.

Clive said something to his buddy and they started to walk away.  I ran toward them.  “I will always dog you.  I know what you’re doing.  You may not get another chance like this,” I taunted bravely… or foolishly.  “I’m right here.  Last night didn’t scare me.”

His buddy ran a bit further but Clive stopped.  I was close now.  “I know what you’ve been doing.  It’s over.  The cops have the last of the stuff you stole.  It was still at the pawnshop.  You are done hurting people and stealing stuff.  Max has turned you in and they fingerprinted my whole house.  They even know your friend poisoned my dog. See that rip in his jeans?  The rest of it was on my fence at home.”

“They won’t catch me and they’ll never find you.”  He came at me then but I was ready.  He had thought I would be easy to catch.  My bravado probably took him by surprise.  I was, after all, the kid he had pushed around at the pawnshop.  I just had to hold them off until White Eagle or the mall cops made it here.  He swung a big meaty fist at my head.  I dodged easily and gave him a quick jab in the side.  He tried swinging with the other arm but I ducked and scooted under his reach, turning quickly to kick him in the lower back.

He howled with rage.  Now I had placed myself between the two men.  I needed to move.  I ran between two cars to put space between us.  They moved in on me again but at least I could see both of them.  Clive’s friend still held back, like they were doing tag team fighting.  What was he waiting for?

Clive came at me again and tried to tackle me.  I was too fast for him.  Instead of running away I ran toward him.  As he bent to lunge and tackle me I jumped over him using him as a springboard and knocking him to the ground.  I spun to keep both men in my sight.

Apparently he was done playing around because he pulled out a knife.  I stepped forward and pushed it up with both hands and kneed him in the gut.  He dropped the blade as he bent over.  His buddy had snuck around behind me in that moment and tried grabbing me around my chest and arms.  As he lifted me up I used the momentum to kick Clive in the chin hard, laying him out.  The momentum shoved the guy holding me backward. I struggled with him and finally slammed my head backward crushing his nose.  He dropped me and grabbed his face.  I didn’t hesitate.   I quickly spun, kicking him as hard as I could in the gut, knocking the air out of him.  He fell back onto a car and slumped to the ground, vomiting.

I turned back to Clive.  He was up and had recovered his blade.  He took another swipe at me and missed but it brought him closer to his own man.  “Worthless,” he screamed in a rage and kicked the downed man.  The man on the ground made a horrible gurgling sound.  I thought he was drowning.  Clive turned back to me with death in his eyes and I thought I’d make a run for it.  I made it three whole steps before a car slammed into me from behind.  I flipped up onto the hood, my shoulders and head smacking into the windshield.  I was momentarily stunned before I was lifted off the hood and hammered once more onto its surface by Clive.

I rolled off and away from Clive, landing hard on my hands and knees, my left leg collapsing from the damage the car gave me when it hit.  Before I could rise I was kicked in quick succession in the gut and the ribs by two sets of boots.  My ribs failed at the third kick.  The sound of the rib cracking echoed in my ears.  I struggled to breathe as I collapsed on the ground.  I was not ready for three attackers.  I had not seen three.  I turned my head to look under the car and across at the second man.  He was still out flat on his back likely dying.  They paid no attention to him.

Get up, I told myself.  The third man picked me up by the back of my jacket.  How thoughtful.  I tried to kick backwards but I barely brushed his legs.  He held me away from his body so I could not head butt or elbow him.  Clive looked at me for a moment, smiling like he sensed victory.  He flipped the knife from hand to hand and then lunged at me.   I had nowhere to go.  I threw up my arm in a desperate attempt to protect myself and twisted as much as I was able.  The knife missed the intended target and skimmed across my side, my jacket taking most of the damage.  The knife tangled in the fabric and fell to the ground.  Clive snarled and went after it again.

I tried to kick at him and slip out of my jacket simultaneously as he recovered the knife.  I did little damage and only managed to get twisted in the material. Where was my help?  I was almost done.  The man I could only smell shook me and changed his grip holding me against his stink while he choked me with an arm across my neck, both restraining and squeezing.  Spots danced before my eyes, my hands clawed at his arm.  At least I would have skin evidence under my nails.

Clive came at me again so I raised my free arm in a feeble attempt to protect my face.  The knife bit deep into my forearm causing me to suck in a breath.  Warm blood washed over my arm, its distinctive scent filling the air and mingling with the blood odor of the man down on the other side of the car. A woman screamed from over near the mall entrance and the third man threw me to the ground, further damaging my hands and knees.

I tried to crawl under the car but I was too big and having nowhere to go I rolled into the fetal position.  Clive stomped on my already damaged leg near my ankle before I could move it and it snapped under the pressure.  The sound echoed across the mall as I let out a scream of agony and collapsed back on the ground.  “Get him in the car.  We’ve gotta get out of here.”  I tried to resist but Clive smacked me in the side of the head with the hilt of his knife, dimming my vision.  I guess he was pretty tough against downed men.  I knew if I got in the car I was dead but I couldn’t get away on this leg and my head wound made it hard to focus.

I struggled for all I was worth, which wasn’t much at this point, but the two of them managed to throw me in the trunk anyway amid much cussing.  I clawed and bit any body part I could reach.  Before I could extract my damaged body from the trunk, they tossed the man who had killed my dog in on top of me, further damaging my body as there really wasn’t room for both us in there. When they slammed the trunk lid the air was forced from my lungs in a whoosh.  I fought to remain conscious.

There was no room to move and I could barely breathe.  I tried to save my energy to fight back when they opened the trunk.  I attempted to get to the taillight to break it out and remembered my cell.  It had GPS.  PLEASE!  I begged to God or anyone who could help.  I tried 911.  The operator could barely hear me.  I tried telling her where I was using my GPS.  We were headed south on I 205.  I let her know when we turned onto 224 and guessed we were headed toward Carver.  I told her what I could about the car and its occupants and listed my injuries.  I was using her to stay conscious.

I worked at stopping my bleeding.  It was incredibly difficult to un-tuck my shirt but I managed to rip a strip of it off and tie it over my arm as best I could.  There was nothing I could do for my leg.  The back and side of my head seemed to be bleeding.  The guy smashed in the trunk with me was a lost cause.  They had let him die.  He was still warm.  I was too scared to be horrified.

I tried to leave as much evidence as I could in the trunk by smearing our blood everywhere.  When the car slowed I tried to tell the operator what was happening but I was fighting for consciousness and losing.  I gave her one last location and hid the phone.  “PLEASE help me,” I begged with a choked sob, praying she could still hear from my inside coat pocket.  I left my phone on hoping that they could use the GPS to track me in reverse.

I held very still watching through slitted eyes as they heaved their ‘friend’ out of the trunk and threw him unceremoniously out of the way.  I heard the thud and sound of him tumbling down a steep bank and wondered what would become of me.  I played dead and waited.  They hauled me out and tossed me before I could do anything but whimper with pain.  Then even more pain exploded all over my body as I tumbled down the thickly brambled bank unable to save myself.  I lay still for a moment when I slammed into a tree and heard the car drive off.

I tried to evaluate my injuries.  They felt like they were many and serious.  I tried to get my cell out of my pocket.  It must have taken me nearly twenty minutes just to do that one task.  I cried in despair when I found it smashed and useless.  I tired to scream but couldn’t get a deep enough breath.  I tried to crawl but I could barely move.  My leg was badly broken and bleeding.  I had lost a lot of blood from my arm and head.  I was pretty sure I had a concussion and at least two ribs were cracked.  I dragged myself as far back up the bank as I could.  When I stopped to rest I passed out.

I woke up groggy and confused.  I tried to drag myself again, but didn’t even manage to go half my body length before I collapsed again.  I looked at my watch in the moonlight that broke through the clouds.  Eight forty-five p.m.  Surely Marlo or White Eagle…?  I couldn’t even finish the thought.  I dragged myself four more feet and passed out again.  I tried not to cry but the tears would not stop.  I worked my way further up the steep bank and slid back some.  I closed my eyes to rest a moment and fell again into unconsciousness.

I woke up to a bright, nearly full moon.  I took the pain and misery in stoic silence.  The moaning had ceased some time ago and what passed for screaming with cracked ribs before that.  Tears still trickled from my eyes, my jaws clenched.  The agony had been going on unabated for so long that I finally was able to grasp a thought other than, ‘Stop! Please God, make it STOP’.  All the pain had created its own kind of numbness.  I will die now and it’ll be okay, I thought.  Death would be better than this.  I won’t hurt anymore and people will go on without me.  I can go now and the pain will end.  Please…. let it just… end.

I thought of Lucie, my mom, Lucas, Alex, my dad, White Eagle, Marlo, Adrian, Sarah Lando, my other friends and even Max.  I said goodbye to each one as I visualized their face.  Just as my first thought had been, my final thought was of Lucie.  I saw her beautiful face and thought I heard her voice as I drifted off trying to reach out and touch her.

I saw a light from behind my closed eyelids.  This is it.  The end is here.  I’m ready; just stop the pain, the aching unending pain.  Please…! Pain exploded anew in a fierce assault as I was jostled.  Death is horrible. Please God, end it now.  A wretched half sob, half moan escaped my lips in a broken, ruined way.

“Young man, can you hear me?”  I didn’t know who it was but all I could think was go away and leave me in peace. Snatches of conversation fragments brushed over me.  So I was aware of some things and some not so much as I drifted in and out of consciousness.

“Did all this blood come from this kid?”

“What happened here?”

“He’s alive, his pulse is weak.  His breathing is shallow but good.  Get the medics.”

“Geez, look at this kid.  Somebody sure did a number on him.  Put a collar on him and get him on a backboard, then we’ll splint the leg.”

“Does he have any I.D.?”

“Yeah, here.”

“Well Mr. Ryer, good thing you carry your school I.D.  Your family is looking for you.”

“This poor kid is lucky to be alive.  There is so much damage.  Cut his shirt and jacket off and let’s see where this blood is coming from so we can get him outta here.”

“Look at the bruises on his side and chest.  Somebody kicked him good.”

“It’s just the arm and his head.  Looks like he tried to bandage his own arm.  He tied part of his shirt right over the jacket sleeve.  Smart kid.”

“My God, he dragged himself almost forty feet.”

“Hey Frank, there’s another one over here.  He doesn’t look so good.  Never mind, he’s gone.”

“You don’t suppose the kid took him out?”

“If he did this to the kid, I sure hope so! On the downside it’s a whole lot more paperwork.”

“I hope the kid can tell us what happened here.”

“The leg is bleeding too.  Cut the pants so I can see what we’ve got.”

“I told you something didn’t look right.  I heard on my police scanner you were looking for a kid in Carver.  I saw the tire tracks and the beat down blackberry bushes.  I found him.  I’m a hero.  Do I get a reward?”

“Yeah Buddy, you’re a hero.  Now go with the nice police officer and answer her questions, would ya?”

The hands all over me, hurting me, were more than I could stand and I began to shake.  I thought I was going to fragment into a million pieces.  The ambulance ride was even worse.  I passed out for most of it, in self defense I’m sure.  I couldn’t decide whether or not I was glad to be found and be alive. I was going to have to think really carefully about my story on this one.  Maybe I would just sleep for awhile and worry about it later.

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4 thoughts on “Visions (Book 1)

    • Lauren, I have finished book 1 The Secret Watchers: Visions and I am well into Book 2 Whispers. I can only say that I am on the edge of my seat wondering what the next adventure is going to be. The Secret Watchers is quite a guessing game and no matter how hard I try to figure out what is going to happen next, you always provide a twist that I didn’t see coming. Thanks for letting me test read, you are gonna be a raging success!

      • Thank you so much Sharon! I am excited for this series to take flight! I have loved writing these characters and I hope that everyone loves reading about them! I would love to write at least five books in this series and I have already pondered where I could go next! Up, up, up I hope!

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