Under Construction – The Secret Watchers: Visions (Book One)

Welcome to the world of Owen Ryer.  To learn more about the series and to find out the progress of the books, return here often.  Book one, Visions, has applied for a copyright.


Secret Watchers:  Visions begins with fourteen-year-old Owen Ryer who hates school and his life and dreams that there must be something more.  One day in an old pawnshop he finds a watch which unlocks his special ability.  Now it’s a race to see if Owen can learn to control his talent before the dark watchers destroy him.  Along the way he is driven to bring balance back to the world by righting wrongs done to the innocent.

The story is told by protagonist Owen who is trying to be the best person he can be.  He struggles with being loyal, true and a person of true integrity.  He is not about justice or revenge; he is about what is morally and ethically right.  Although he is not a rule follower he is a person of honor.  He is a mix of mighty and humble who stands up for the innocent and weak.  He is the kind of person who puts his whole heart into doing what he thinks is right and most importantly he never gives up.


9 thoughts on “Under Construction – The Secret Watchers: Visions (Book One)

  1. I much prefer the dark background. It adds a greater element of mystery. Whenever I look at the picture I expect to see a Dark Watcher pop out of the woods!

  2. Awesome, Lauren! It will be fun to see the story evolve! Can’t wait to say I’m friends with a published author!! Aaand, a bit jealous of your ambition! Write On!

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