The Secret Watchers: Visions (Book 1) Popularity Grows!!!

Thank you!  For helping me get my book out there!  Let’s keep the interest up!  Good Job!  Please invite your friends to “like” The Secret Watchers like Debi and Susan did!

Tom:  Just starting to read Lauren‘s book! I’m so excited! Be sure to “like” her Facebook page and check out her web page as well!

Debi: Meet an amazing gal that I am sooo blessed to work with : )

Susan:  Susan wrote: “Have you “liked” Lauren ‘s book yet? Please support her by liking her book page! Lauren let me proof read the first book and it is AWESOME!”

We are averaging 10 Likes a day on Facebook and the website had over 80 hits yesterday!  (A new high).

3 thoughts on “The Secret Watchers: Visions (Book 1) Popularity Grows!!!

  1. I just finished reading book 1 and I absolutely LOVED IT! What amazing depth to the characters, nail-biting action and teenaged angst! It was the perfect mix of action and emotion, and ended with a deft hand-off to the second book. This book is sure to be a best-seller!

  2. Yay! Today is the sixth day that the website has been in operation. We have already had over 350 hits to the site! Saturday was an all time one day high of 94! Thank you to Tom, Susan, Debi, Marge, Bryan and Nathan for encouraging their friends to ‘LIKE’ The Secret Watchers on Facebook.

    Jaeme is working on Twitter and Google Plus so they will be available soon as well.

    Thank you all for helping make my dreams come true and most importantly – May you have as much fun reading this book as I did writing it!!!

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