The Secret Watchers Loses its Greatest Fan

Dear Jesse,

Thank you so much for all you did for us.  Since you were too old and arthritic to go for walks you warmed my feet while I typed endless pages.  You listened carefully while I read pages out loud to check how they sounded and you never once complained.  You shall be missed!  So I also say to you…

Jesse's favorite napping spot

Goodbye old friend!  Patient and kind – funny and playful.  You were the best dog ever!  Thank you for sharing your life with us.  You cleaned up food under high-chairs and only dug under the deck – sparing the rest of the yard.  You loved to wrestle, chase and play tug-of-war.  When we threw a ball to fetch, you would bring it back once and then look at us like we were dumb!  “Hey, I brought it to you once!  What’s wrong with you?  If you want it back, you go get it!  Goofy humans.”  You had a great doggie smile and an expressive face.  We love you buddy!

Jesse 1-29-98 to 5-25-12

I always write from the heart.  My characters have pets because my family does too.  Thank you Jesse for the inspiration you contributed to my books!

Jesse 1-29-98 to 5-25-12

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