The Fine Art of Juggling

It is a beautiful sunny day here in Oregon and my yard calls.  A few stray weeds tease and taunt me as my flowers beg for a drink and my roses ask for a trim.  As a new author, I have to squeeze writing in and around the rest of my life.  I have family who need my attention and I have a day job to pay the bills.  I often think of J.K. Rowling.  I can visualize her writing while on her train commute to work.  At least I have heard that’s what she did.  I have written about my ‘glamorous’ life which includes pet clean up, housework, yard work and maintenance.  I dream of the day when I can leave some of that behind and write full-time.

One of the many reasons I love my yard. Summer hydrangea blooms!

I have always had a big imagination so it isn’t difficult for me to visualize a housekeeper, a gardener and a cook!  For now, I keep my imagination working on my favorite characters – Owen, Lucie, White Eagle, Marlo and the gang.  At the same time I try to keep putting myself ‘out there’ on social media, work to get The Secret Watchers: Visions published, write The Secret Watchers (Book Three), work my day job, apply for a regular full-time gig, and maintain my life at home.  How’s it going, you ask?  I’m a little tired but my dreams are big!  My wonderful encouraging fans keep me going.  Thank you all so much!

3 thoughts on “The Fine Art of Juggling

  1. This is not going to be a dream its going to be your new reality! Hang in there as good things come to those who wait, Unfortunately we have to be willing to wait just long enough and not give up. I know you well my friend and you are strong. and you will be published!

    • All the threads of my tapestry are coming together. It will be magical when I’m actually in print. I’m very excited to be moving forward. I very much appreciate you and all the other folks who have helped to get me where I am. Here’s to the next phase!

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