Good thing the AC is fixed ’cause things are heating up around here!

My conversion to e-book publication is done and we are looking at a contract in preparation for upload!!!  Hang on to your seat!  The Secret Watchers are coming for you!!!

Author Lauren Klever Celebrates

Yay! Almost ready for uploading! E-book here we come!

Big Hugs for all Secret Watcher Fans!

I was re-reading some of the comments you have made on The Secret Watchers series and on Visions (Book 1) specifically.  I just wanted to thank you all again.  You have made me smile and feel warm and fuzzy today!  What an honor it has been to share my work with you!

It looks like we can expect The Secret Watchers: Visions to hit your favorite e-bookstore in September.  When I have a tighter release date I will let you know.

For now… Dream big!  Good things are coming for all of us!