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A printable book list for you because I know how difficult it can be to find where a book fits within a series or even if it belongs to one.  Right now I only have one series going, but I have lots of ideas floating around!  For your convenience, here is a list of all of my books easily printed for reference.
Enjoy your reading adventure! ~ Lauren

eBook Cover Visions by Lauren Lynne

Visions (The Secret Watchers series, book #1)  ISBN-13: 9781483538570 (eBook)  ISBN:  978-1619271630 (paperback)  Order bookRead an excerpt 



ebook Cover Whispers by Lauren Lynne Whispers (The Secret Watchers series, book #2)  ISBN-13:  9781483539553 (eBook) ISBN:  978-1619272743 (paperback):  available in paperback  Order this book Read an excerpt



eBook Cover Insights by Lauren Lynne

Insights (The Secret Watchers series, book #3)  ISBN-13: 9781483541693  (eBook) ISBN:  978-1619274976 (paperback)  Order this book Read an excerpt



Perceptions front cover Perceptions (The Secret Watchers series, book #4)  ISBN-13: 9781631920660 (eBook) ISBN:  978-1631920530 (paperback)  Order this bookRead and excerpt



Destiny Front Cover Final_small Destiny (The Secret Watcher series, book #5)                          ISBN-13: 9781682227817 (eBook) ISBN: (paperback) Order this bookRead an excerpt




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