About Owen Ryer

About Owen Ryer:

Fierce warrior and gentle hearted – Friend and defender – Hero and ordinary guy

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Owen Ryer by Josie

Everyone needs a hero.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  I find the best ones are the unintentional ones.  Owen is that kind of guy.  He isn’t perfect, he doesn’t always do things right, but he has the greater good at heart – always.  Owen is a blend of all the good I have seen in my own boys and in my students over the years.  He is no one person and a bit of all.  None of us are perfect, we just have to keep trying to be our best selves every day.  When things don’t go right we have to pull ourselves up and try again.  That is Owen – putting his whole heart into what he does every day.

Owen tries to live a normal teenage life.  He has chores and homework like everyone else.  He has pets that he has to take care of and clean up after.  He has younger brothers who he interacts with to help them be the best people they can be.  He goes to class and does what he has to do there too.

Owen has many friends, but he is basically a quiet and almost shy person.  He hates the spotlight and would rather fade into the background and slide under the radar.  His best friends are Marlo and Adrian.  Adrian is quite popular with the ladies, outgoing and a great athlete.  It bugs him when things come easily to Owen.  He might get confrontational with Owen, but he would never let anyone else bully or pick on him – ever.  Marlo is the polar opposite of Adrian.  He is quiet like Owen but much more popular because of his happy and outgoing nature.  Marlo is incredibly smart, is intrigued by puzzles and hates injustice.  He loves video games more than real games and especially more than sports which he is not very good at.

Owen Ryer by Lauren Lynne

Owen is brave, courageous and confident when he must face bad guys and dark watchers but questions everything in his regular life. In a crisis, he knows how to push down the fear and focus.  He is learning empathy from his mom as he is forced to deal with and help people.  At the beginning of the series he just wants to ride his skateboard and be left alone but he soon learns that people are counting on him and he must rise to the challenge.

What would you do if you suddenly discovered that you could sense when bad things were about to happen?  How would you feel if you knew it was your job to keep those bad things from happening?  What if something bad already happened and it was your job to clean up the pieces and help put stranger’s lives back together?  What would you do?  Would you have the courage to try?  Could you be loyal, persistent, focused and willing to do whatever it took to get the job done?  What would you sacrifice?  Join Owen as he struggles to find purpose, acceptance, compassion and an understanding of morality as he balances being a teenager and someone who defends and protects the innocent and weak.

Owen Ryer by Lauren Lynne

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7 thoughts on “About Owen Ryer

  1. Lauren this series sounds so cool. I write paranormal romance and horror, so kind of similar to what you do. What age group is this geared toward? I am always looking for books for my son. Is it an AR book? Congrats on your success!

    • Hi Amy,
      Visions is for ages twelve and up. Whispers… maybe age thirteen and up. Owen, the protagonist starts out at age fourteen. I’ve kept it pretty clean. There is very little language. He kisses a girl. There is some violence but it is not horrible. Now I have to ask… what is AR? Thanks so much and please let me know how else I can be of help!

      • Lol!! AR is a reading program through the school system. Kids are required to do a certain amount of reading and I always have a hard time finding books he likes. Your series sounds like something he would enjoy. He is nearly eleven so your books sound perfect for him!

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