Insights (Book 3)

Insights (The Secret Watchers, Book #3)

Available on AUGUST 26th, 2013!!!  ISBN-13 9781483541693

eBook Cover Insights by Lauren Lynne The adventures of Owen Ryer and friends continue in this third installment of the five-book series. ‘Dark Watchers’ want to steal his powers and they will stop at nothing to get what they want. From kidnapping to murder – When is enough, enough? Can Owen defend the ones he loves or is all hope lost as he battles the greatest evil he has ever known?

Owen is battle-hardened. He has firm control of his gifts and his own watcher to train, yet with two years of experience behind him, things are not getting easier. As Owen grows in experience, so does the darkness and danger. Lucie is taken, making Owen realize just how much she really means to him, but is it her the ‘dark watchers’ want or is she only the bait in an elaborate trap?


A HUGE thank you to my editing team (Marty, Cindi, Amanda, Angela and team captain Marge!) and my beta readers (Sharon, Cipriana, Sheila, Julie, Tom, Susan and Sally)

11/6/12 – Done!  Let the editing begin!!!

10/12/12 – I’m on page 225!

9/23/2012 – I’m on page 206! – Notice the two keyboards – I’m trying to write and keep up with my social media!  Thank you, thank you to all my fans, followers, Tweeps, and friends!

author Lauren Klever works on Insights (The Secret Watchers, book #3)

9/13/12 – I’m on page 193 of about 250 in Word format.

Hang on to your seat!

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      • Insights will be out this summer! It is going through final edits right now and I’m hard at work on books four and five in the series. I will put some teasers up on the Insights page later this month! Thanks for your interest! Have an awesome week!!!

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