Happy Mother’s Day!

Yeah, I know, I’m behind.  I have a good excuse… no, really, I do!  I was planting Dahlias for my mother so I was not here with you!  It was a great day and the whole family helped!

To all the moms out there… Happy Mother’s Day!  And… thanks so much for all you do for your kiddos – just in case they forgot to tell you!

Here’s to my mom!  She is my first round editor, proof reader and sounding board!  The Secret Watchers series would not have happened if not for her, my dad, my husband and my boys!  Thank you to all my family members and friends for all you do to support my books!!! Love Ya!


2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Mrs.Klever is an awesome teacher. She makes my learning more fun or at least better. I love being in her classes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIENVENIDOS A LA CLASE DE MRS.KLEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mrs.Klever
    You are my writing teacher and you have inspired me to be the best at writing that I can be. In fact you have made me think about my future and I decided that since you have made the amazing writer come out of me that I never really knew that existed, I figured that I would be a pretty good creative writer.

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