Book Three Underway

Hey Friends!

I am thrilled to announce that I have just started book three.  Owen and his friends are starting their sophomore year of high school.  Who will the featured watcher be this time?  This person will know that something bad is about to happen right before it does.  This is your chance to have input on the proposed title.  I have been warned that a publisher may change it.

Unless I hear from folks otherwise, the planned title for Book Three is… The Secret Watchers:  Images

I have forty-eight pages written, only 300 or so to go!  I do love this!  I’m having lots of fun with the characters.  I love them all and I hope you do too.


2 thoughts on “Book Three Underway

  1. You just keep on writing and we will keep on reading. I like the title of your book, so I wish you good luck with that and I hope everyone will offer their input so the publisher won’t change the title , especially since this is your first book and the story had me from the beginning when I first read your intro to the series.

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