4,000 Hits – Shazam!

Wow!  Thank you so much – to all my fantastic fans!  Thank you for visiting the website to see what is happening in the world of Owen Ryer.  This site has not yet celebrated it’s month-a-versary and we have already had 4,000 hits.  I am so touched!

Thank you – Thank you – Thank you!

I do have to laugh though, part of that was spammers.  I had 33 try to make comments on the blog in one day.  The usual average is closer to two.  Sorry guys!  Legitimate fans only.  I will not advertize your watches, diet plans, baby gear or services.

1 thought on “4,000 Hits – Shazam!

  1. Shazam! is right!! To quote from one of your Rally Squad yells, “We are so enthusiastic. We are feeling G – O – O – D!”

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