Visions and Whispers have been added to Google! Awesome!!!

Yay!  I’m listed in Google Books.  Every time I find a new listing on the internet for my books I smile, grin and do the happy dance.  Today my day was made by Google!  I wonder where I’ll show up next.  I can’t wait to find out!!!

Visions on Google

Whispers on Google

Dove Chocolate Wisdom

IMG_0283 I’ve been asked why I do this.  I guess you could say that it’s part of my brand.  I love Dove chocolate and I think it’s really neat that they put a little message inside.  It’s just as much fun as opening a fortune cookie and personally I think it tastes better!

So… here you go… Today’s Dove chocolate wisdom and as always my thoughts on how it relates to writing!

“Smiling is free.”  Indeed it is and we all should do it more often.  Writing makes me smile.  What do you do that makes you smile?  Find that thing you love and go for it!

~Oh, and yes I know that I occasionally repost some wisdom.  What can I say?  Some of those little messages really speak to me!

Feelin’ The Secret Watchers LOVE!

I’m proud to announce that The Secret Watchers website and blog has now received 750,000 visits.  I can hardly wait until we hit 1,000,000.  It will be even better when that number is my book sales!  Go Secret Watchers!

This is the sign of super excitement!!!

This is the sign of super excitement!!!

Insights is coming! Are you ready?

The adventures of Owen Ryer and friends continue in this third installment of the five book series. ‘Dark Watchers’ want to steal his powers and they will stop at nothing to get what they want. From kidnapping to murder – When is enough, enough? Can Owen defend the ones he loves or is all hope lost as he battles the greatest evil he has ever known?

Owen is battle-hardened. He has firm control of his gifts and his own watcher to train, yet with two years of experience behind him things are not getting easier. As Owen grows in experience, so does the darkness and danger. Lucie is taken, making Owen realize just how much she really means to him, but is it her the ‘dark watchers’ want or is she only the bait in an elaborate trap?