Author Lauren Klever on Goodreads -Update

Check out the new updated author profile on Goodreads! I’m getting all my ducks in a row so that when we hit ebook stores we can take off with a BANG! Thanks so much to all my awesome fans and supporters! I appreciate every hit, like and follow!

Thank you Bryan for all your help and inspiration!


Feelin’ The Love 150,000X

Book One of The Secret Watchers series (Visions) will be hitting bookstores soon in electronic format!  Look for your favorite e-version!  (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, I-Pad, Sony and more!)

Thank you all so much for your visits to this website, for your ‘follows’ on Twitter (@SecretWatchers) and for your ‘likes’ on Facebook!

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Final Edits Before Publishing – Woohoo!

My team of trusted advisors and I are going through The Secret Watchers: Visions one last time before it is submitted for publishing.  What an exciting time this is!  I am so happy that ‘my baby’ will soon be in the hands of readers!  For those of you who have been begging for a copy… You will be able to buy one SOON on many electronic formats!!!

Please stay tuned and I will keep you up to date as to what is happening.  I’ll post where The Secret Watchers: Visions can be purchased, pricing and vital statistics so that you can find it easily.  I will also include some links to take you right to your preferred vendor!

Get excited!  Tell everyone you know! The Secret Watchers are coming for YOU!

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125,000 thank yous from The Secret Watchers

I would like to say… Thank you so very much to all my wonderful fans and to all the folks who have gotten me here! We have 125,000 hits to the website, The Secret Watchers fan page is hovering around 1,200, the Lauren Klever author page is almost to 300 fans and The Secret Watchers has over 500 followers. Truly… Thank you!

The Fine Art of Juggling

It is a beautiful sunny day here in Oregon and my yard calls.  A few stray weeds tease and taunt me as my flowers beg for a drink and my roses ask for a trim.  As a new author, I have to squeeze writing in and around the rest of my life.  I have family who need my attention and I have a day job to pay the bills.  I often think of J.K. Rowling.  I can visualize her writing while on her train commute to work.  At least I have heard that’s what she did.  I have written about my ‘glamorous’ life which includes pet clean up, housework, yard work and maintenance.  I dream of the day when I can leave some of that behind and write full-time.

One of the many reasons I love my yard. Summer hydrangea blooms!

I have always had a big imagination so it isn’t difficult for me to visualize a housekeeper, a gardener and a cook!  For now, I keep my imagination working on my favorite characters – Owen, Lucie, White Eagle, Marlo and the gang.  At the same time I try to keep putting myself ‘out there’ on social media, work to get The Secret Watchers: Visions published, write The Secret Watchers (Book Three), work my day job, apply for a regular full-time gig, and maintain my life at home.  How’s it going, you ask?  I’m a little tired but my dreams are big!  My wonderful encouraging fans keep me going.  Thank you all so much!

A Secret Watchers Summer

Happy July to my wonderful fans.  I have been hard at work this summer.  I’m working on The Secret Watchers: ? (Book Three).  I have also done some minor editing to books one and two.  I’m researching self-publishing as well as keeping up with my day job and life in general.

My goal is to finish book three this summer and start book four of what I am planning as a five book package.  I already have ideas for another series in The Secret Watchers universe. Also in the works are a children’s book ‘The Little Minces’ (Imaginary creatures who created the recipe for mincemeat pie) and a fantasy story for either the young adult or adult audiences.

Stay tuned faithful fans!!!  Thank you so much for all your support and enthusiasm!