Whispers Holds A Copyright!

I am thrilled to announce that The Secret Watchers: Whispers holds a copyright!  It came in the mail yesterday.  I feel like dancing!  I would like to thank my fans and volunteer readers!  Here’s to all of you who are talking about my books on Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook and on the website… Bless you!

Keep telling everyone you know about this great new series that’s ready to burst onto bookshelves!  Who will the lucky publisher be???

I’m ready… Are you?

The Secret Watchers: Visions on Goodreads

Visions (The Secret Watchers, #1) http://www.goodreads.com/images/nocover         The Secret Watchers: Visions by Lauren Klever

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I love a book about an unassuming hero.  Owen is that kind of guy.  He does what he has to do because he knows it’s the right thing to do.  He is one to stand up for the innocent and weak.  He puts his whole heart into each situation he finds himself thrust into.  He would sacrifice himself before he’d let harm come to his friends or family.  Some would call him a superhero but Owen would say, “I’m just an ordinary guy.”
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NEW Visions Synopsis!

The Owen Ryer Series is about a young man who discovers that he is NOT so ordinary.  Visions begins with Owen wishing that he could time-warp from eighth grade to senior year of high school, only to discover that he has an amazing gift.  Now he is driven to use his special talent to bring balance back to the world by righting wrongs done to the innocent while trying to escape the ‘dark watchers’.  These people want to TURN Owen to their world of evil and chaos. Owen feels he has no choice… What would you do?

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Appreciating the Small Things

I for one never thought about my connectivity to the internet.  It was always there and just part of my computer.  Now that I have to make special arrangements to use it… well it’s frustrating.  To check my email, see what’s happening on Facebook, to Tweet or even see what is happening on this website, I have to visit my neighbor.  It stinks to have to do that.  My modem better come on MONDAY!

I thought it was a challenge to work and write.  Now to do research for my book… so that I can write, I have to plan.  So here is to appreciating the little things that we have come to take for granted.


Here’s What You Do When Your Modem Dies…

Step one – get on the phone with tech help for almost two hours.

Step two – throw a temper tantrum because you can’t have your new modem until Monday and it is only Thursday.

Step three – use your neighbor’s computer to let your wonderful fans know that you are offline until Monday.

Step four – go to bed because you still have to work your day job tomorrow.

Step five – try not to worry about what you can’t fix!

Saturday Night Special

Woo hoo!  Over 1,000 hits to the website in one day!  You guys make me teary!  Thanks!  I’m so glad that you are interested in The Secret Watchers!   Please keep on telling all your friends.  Don’t forget to LIKE us on Facebook!  You can also visit us on Twitter!

Here’s to Saturday Night!  Cheers!