Hard Drives… Friend or Foe?

So… you gotta keep a sense of humor in this business!  First the printer died, may it rest in peace, and now my hard drive is full.  I have tried to remove as much as I can, defrag and run Crap Cleaner (great program by the way).  Still it is not working like it should!  I can hardly wait until my resident techy can look at it.  It is so frustrating to not be able to do my thing!  I have not touched my book in almost a week.  I think I am suffering from withdrawals!  Owen – be patient, I will get back to you soon.  Where is Marlo when I need him?

The Life of an Author

I imagine the experiences of authors are as varied as the creatures on earth.  My time writing has brought me much happiness and joy.  I look forward to the time spent with my characters.  I miss them when I can’t get to my writing.  I crave time with them.  I have something to look forward to with happy anticipation!  Sometimes I am up too late at night so that I can finish a thought… a sequence… a scene.  I have passion, dedication and effervescence.  The thought of my book warms me and makes me smile.  I genuinely love these characters and I can hardly wait to see how they all turn out at the end.  Where will It all end?  Not even I know that yet.

Unbelievable! 10,000 Because of YOU!

Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE my fans!!!  The Secret Watchers website has had 10,000 hits!  THANKS Everyone!!!

This is how we get noticed!  You are wonderful!  Smile!  Enjoy!  Bask in it…  until tomorrow and then go tell your friends! 

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