20,000 – Thank You To My Awesome Fans

I do not know what the magic number is.  I will not give up.  Thank you so much to each person who has looked at my website even once!  To my frequent flyers… you are the best!  Thank you also to all my Facebook fans!  We have gone over 180 LIKEs.  I think it is all pretty darn impressive considering I started sharing the idea of my books just over two months ago.  On January 24th the website was initiated and look at where we are now. Please keep sharing and telling your friends!


So You Think Being a Writer is Glamorous?.. Think Again

Ever had one of those days?….

I still poop scoop after the dogs.  I still clean cat boxes and toilets.  I still vacuum and dust. But wait, there’s more….

Today the hot water heater died…..

Tomorrow, glamorous will have a whole different look.  So, Honey, when can the repairman get here???

Book One Edits DONE (for now)

Yay!  I am so pleased.  I have compiled the suggestions of six readers into the second round edits.  I still have some readers to hear back from but I feel like we have gotten most of the typos and boo boos addressed!

Thank you, thank you to all my fantastic volunteer readers!

Book Two anyone?

I Will Frame It!

I may be goofy but I am thinking about framing my copyright! I am so thrilled to have it in my hands! Yaaayyyy!  Thank you all so much for replying to my Facebook post.  Every person who replied said… Go for it or you’ve earned it.  Thanks so much.  I can hardly wait until we are in print.

I have been working on my description.  Here is a sample… Readers what do you think?

The Secret Watchers:  Visions is a young adult novel by Lauren Klever. It is her debut novel. The story is about Owen Ryer, a young man, and his journey of self-discovery.


The novel Visions by Lauren Klever follows the life of 14-year-old Owen Ryer. He is a Watcher, a person with greatly advanced fighting skills and mental agility.  Owen’s special gift gives him the ability to see images from the objects he touches. (People who are Watchers have a special ability that manifests in different ways.  They can be of the light or dark depending on their inherent tendency to do good or evil.) Because Owen’s special ability shows him darkness, it is his inherent goodness that drives him to bring back balance and to return situations to the light.  Owen is mentored by Earl White Eagle who received his own gift from his medicine woman grandmother.  White Eagle’s purpose is to find and train light (or good) Watchers.  Although Watchers as a rule are secretive people, Owen quickly discovers that he is unable to keep his gift a secret from his friends and family.  Soon he is using the amazing computer skills of his friend Marlo.  Owen discovers that it is enough of a challenge just to be a teenager, let alone one with a secret as big as the one he is burdened with.  Who should he trust?  Who can help him?  Typically Watchers work alone but Owen is the next generation – should he be the one to change the rules?  Will Owen be able to master his skills before the Dark Watchers find and kill him and his family?



What Readers Are Saying Page Updated

Lisa, McKayla, Sharon, Jaeme, Sheila and Jack!  I just added the wonderful things you have said to the ‘What Readers Are Saying Page’!  Check it out!

I even got the links working!!!

I appreciate my fans!  Please keep telling all your friends about The Secret Watchers!

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The Secret Watchers: Visions Holds A Copyright!

It’s official!  The Secret Watchers:  Visions holds a copyright!  The background forest image also officially holds a copyright!  Wow!  It is all so exciting!  Each piece of this process makes me smile.  I dream of when I hold my published piece in my hands.  This has all been an exciting adventure!  Thank you for taking the journey with me from idea to completed, published work!

Excitement Continues to Build

Andee says, “I have been reading all about your books and my girls are also looking forward to reading them when they hit the stands! Congrats on the novels and look forward to seeing them in print!”

Thank you Andee!  I am very excited to get them in print too!  I plan to work hard during Spring Break!  Then I will continue to work hard to get my books out there!  I just accepted a job teaching fourth and fifth grade for the rest of the year.  I am excited about it but a little sad that I will have less time to write.

Cipriana says, “Super stoked to read The Secret Watchers series! :)”

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Yay! 15,000 Visits to The Secret Watchers!

What a way to celebrate The Secret Watchers website’s two month anniversary!  As of the 24th we will have been up and running for two months!  15,000… Wow!  Thank you all so much!  Please keep checking back to see what’s new, what’s happening or to leave a comment!

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I am soooo looking forward to our first 1,000 hit day!  We made it over 800 once so I know we can make it to 1,000!  Join us!

Visions Goes Through a Minor Overhaul

I really do listen to my test market readers!  Book One, The Secret Watchers: Visions is going through a minor overhaul.  I am incorporating some advice from experts on pawnshop rules and police procedures.  We have also found a few typos and tense changes.  It is so helpful to have another set of eyes look at your work.

A huge thank you to my first round readers!  Here’s to Janet, Tom, Susan, Jack, Marge, Stan, Bryan, Sally and Amanda!  What would I do without you?

To Tanya, Sharon, Cipriana, Nathan, Marie, Andra, Lora, Chris, Cathy, Sidney, Andrea, Jaeme, Sue, Debi, Josie, Josh, and Laura, I am very much looking forward to your comments!!!

Thank you!