The Secret Watchers: Whispers Applies for Copyright

Book Two, The Secret Watchers:  Whispers is DONE!  Just applied for the copyright!

I am so excited to get going on Book Three.  I have about twenty pages of notes and partial scenes written.  If you think I have dropped off the face of the earth, don’t worry!  I’m fine…. I’m writing!  Yaaayyyy!

IF you have an idea for a title… or something you would like to see Owen accomplish in Book Three… NOW is the time to share your thoughts.

I meet with one of my artists this week!  YES!

200 Hits in One Day and Total Goes over 1,500!

My friends, It was only Monday that I was very excited to near 1,000 hits on the website… Now we have not only had a new single day high, but we are already at…(wait for it…) 1,500.  All I can add is… WOW   WOW   WOW   WOW.

It is an honor!  Thank you all so very much!

The Secret Watchers Website Hits 1000 Views

We are so close!  We have had 941 Visits to the website as of 3:13 Pacific time today!  Let’s make it 1000.  Help me get there!  Check out the website today.  See what’s new.  See what’s changed.

The banner photo has a copyright pending.  Still waiting on The Secret Watchers: Visions copyright.

Find more news on this website Secret Watcher Fans!

Whispers Spoiler Alert

Don’t read if you don’t want to know….


I am wrapping up Book 2: Whispers.

Owen and Lucie have just arrived at her house.  It is almost midnight… The house is dark and something is… wrong.  Very wrong…

Marlo is getting really good with computers.  His skill outpaces most professional hackers.  What if he gets caught?

Who is the whisper watcher?

Owen plays a sport this year… What do you think it is?  He does not run Cross Country his Freshman year.

Who is the new girl in Owen’s life?

When Book 2: Whispers is finished and the copyright pending I will put up the Whispers Teaser page.

I have the best fans!

I am very pleased to share that this website has had over 700 hits and we have only been up and running for 11 days (counting the first day and today).  I am so touched and thankful!   The Facebook page now has 70 people who ‘LIKE’ it and 60 have shared information about the page.  Twitter is still going a little slow for me, but I am just figuring it out myself.

I LOVE my fans!  You are the best!

Hugs,  Lauren



Explosive Writing Blows Up Printer

I hope you have a sense of humor – I do!  Yes, It’s true, my printer gasped its last breath.  Is that Taps I hear playing in the background?  I have had it since 2003 and I guess going through Grad school again plus the writing of two novels was more than it could take.  I had been limping along a couple of toner cartridges (you know – take ’em out, shake ’em and put ’em back in?) and I think it was too much for my old Samsung.  Well, that and printing about twenty copies of each book during the writing process.

Not to worry. A new one is one the way and I am spending as much time as I can finishing up book two.