Book Three Underway

Hey Friends!

I am thrilled to announce that I have just started book three.  Owen and his friends are starting their sophomore year of high school.  Who will the featured watcher be this time?  This person will know that something bad is about to happen right before it does.  This is your chance to have input on the proposed title.  I have been warned that a publisher may change it.

Unless I hear from folks otherwise, the planned title for Book Three is… The Secret Watchers:  Images

I have forty-eight pages written, only 300 or so to go!  I do love this!  I’m having lots of fun with the characters.  I love them all and I hope you do too.


I Sit in Awe…

Well friends, today we hit a new target… Over 350 views to the website in a single day.  I fondly remember being excited when we had that many total over several days.  Thank you to everyone who has visited The Secret Watchers website.  Keep coming back.  Obviously things change every day!  Thank you for taking part in my adventures as a new author!!!  I look forward to hearing from you!

The Secret Watchers Site Receives over 2,500 Hits!

A huge THANK YOU to all my fans who are keeping the site busy!  Busy sites get noticed.  Sites that get noticed are seen by publishers!  Thank you all so much!

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Highest day was February 13th with 235 hits!

The Secret Watchers: Whispers Applies for Copyright

Book Two, The Secret Watchers:  Whispers is DONE!  Just applied for the copyright!

I am so excited to get going on Book Three.  I have about twenty pages of notes and partial scenes written.  If you think I have dropped off the face of the earth, don’t worry!  I’m fine…. I’m writing!  Yaaayyyy!

IF you have an idea for a title… or something you would like to see Owen accomplish in Book Three… NOW is the time to share your thoughts.

I meet with one of my artists this week!  YES!

200 Hits in One Day and Total Goes over 1,500!

My friends, It was only Monday that I was very excited to near 1,000 hits on the website… Now we have not only had a new single day high, but we are already at…(wait for it…) 1,500.  All I can add is… WOW   WOW   WOW   WOW.

It is an honor!  Thank you all so very much!

The Secret Watchers Website Hits 1000 Views

We are so close!  We have had 941 Visits to the website as of 3:13 Pacific time today!  Let’s make it 1000.  Help me get there!  Check out the website today.  See what’s new.  See what’s changed.

The banner photo has a copyright pending.  Still waiting on The Secret Watchers: Visions copyright.

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