Visit Owen Ryer on Twitter

Dear Fans,

If you want to do something fun and different – visit Owen on his Twitter.  Owen answers questions and makes comments about his daily life.  Get the scoop on what is happening with his friends, family and with his special abilities!!/@owenryer

Owen Ryer to have a Facebook Page!

Watch Facebook this next week as Owen Ryer hits Facebook.  The space will be dedicated to all things Owen – Likes – Thoughts – Attitude!

There will also be sneak peeks at the books – all from Owen’s perspective.

You will even be able to ask Owen questions!  Join the FUN!

I Listen To My Fans!

Thank you so much to my test market readers!  I have some copies of The Secret Watchers:  Visions, back and I will do some editing this weekend.  Thank you to my experts who are helping to make this work of fiction as realistic as possible.  You are the BEST!  When this baby goes to press it will be amazing.

Thank you!

Thank you!

My fans make it all worthwhile!

554 Hits in One Day!

Guess I should leave town more often!  We had 554 hits yesterday a new record!!! Our total is already over 4,500 hits.  I am so amazed and thankful every day!


Thank you for your faith in me!  I’m so glad that my test market readers are LOVING The Secret Watchers: Visions (Book One) and The Secret Watchers: Whispers (Book Two).  So far satisfaction is at 100%!  Yay!

4,000 Hits – Shazam!

Wow!  Thank you so much – to all my fantastic fans!  Thank you for visiting the website to see what is happening in the world of Owen Ryer.  This site has not yet celebrated it’s month-a-versary and we have already had 4,000 hits.  I am so touched!

Thank you – Thank you – Thank you!

I do have to laugh though, part of that was spammers.  I had 33 try to make comments on the blog in one day.  The usual average is closer to two.  Sorry guys!  Legitimate fans only.  I will not advertize your watches, diet plans, baby gear or services.

Writing to you from Bend, Oregon

Well here I am in sunny Sunriver, Oregon!  I wonder what will happen with Book Three?  Will the story be different, writing from this locale instead of from my cozy office?  I’m making good use of my loaner laptop!  Thanks Dad!  What will Owen do today?  There is snow on the ground so perhaps I will skip to winter and write some of that.  This is so much fun!  Keep on reading and I’ll keep on writing!  Big hugs to all my friends and supporters!!!