100,000 The Magic Number?

Thank you to all the fans of The Secret Watchers!  Today we hit 100,000 visits to the website and today was a new one day high of 2638!  I love my fans!!!

The Lauren Klever, author page on Facebook is almost to 300 and The Secret Watchers fan page is over 1,200.

Over 400 people are following @SecretWatchers on Twitter!

Are you listening publishers?  People want this book!

Thanks again to all my fans for their support, LIKEs and follows!  Keep it up and visit often for more news on The Secret Watchers!

Please remember you can also find Lauren Klever author and The Secret Watchers:  Visions on Goodreads!

4 thoughts on “100,000 The Magic Number?

  1. Best of luck Secret Watchers – “May the odds be forever in your favor.”. Someday may you be as well known as Hunger Games!

  2. Hey Mrs.Klever,
    You made that post on the greatest day EVER…. My birthday! Yupp thats right I’m eleven now!.!.!.!.!.

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